Mark Kruse

Fuchsberg-Levine Family Associate Professor of Physics (2012 - 2017)

Mark Kruse is a recognized international leader in the field of high-energy particle physics at the energy frontier. Not one to shy from risk, he has taken on one of the most pressing problems in elementary particle physics – the search for the path to understanding the origin of mass. In addition to his scholarly accomplishments and collaborations with colleagues in Geneva and Australia, he has demonstrated a strong commitment to undergraduate teaching: he has been instrumental in the creative redesign of the introductory physics course and developed new courses in astrophysics. Mark has also served as an excellent mentor to undergraduate researchers and to students in the Student Physics Society. Students commend him for his organization, clarity, and ability to bring current events into his courses. He pushes students, particularly non-majors, beyond what they thought they could accomplish in class. Students often report on his class, “One of my favorite classes at Duke” or “Best class I have taken at Duke.”