Mark Goodacre

Professor in the Department of Religious Studies (2018 - 2023)

Mark Goodacre, Professor of Religious Studies, is an internationally recognized scholar of the New Testament and Christian Origins. He has taught history of the New Testament in a way that challenges students beliefs based on their own religious formations. Goodacre has skillfully negotiated religious commitments to dogmatic readings of the Bible, inviting students to think historically and critically about the document. Furthermore, he demonstrates dedication to and innovation in teaching at Duke evidenced by his use of film and websites in the classroom. He has even directed an impressive honors project in which a student developed software to compare the three gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke) for use in a PowerPoint platform. His mentorship and support have contributed importantly to the department’s efforts of growing engagement diversity. As a mentor, he has been very effective in supporting young women, who remain underrepresented in New Testament studies. In fact, over the last several years, the majority of the students pursuing a thesis have been women, and this owes largely to his excellence as a mentor. Mark Goodacre’s clarity, knowledge, scholarship and commitment to mentorship make him a widely recognized figure in the study of the Bible.